About Sunplate Corporation

Sunplate is a research and innovation company.

Sunplate develops proprietary new technologies for licensing to leading solar collector manufacturers worldwide. Sunplate’s licensees will benefit from access to our ongoing research and development, and rights to manufacture, sub-license, distribute, market and sell solar collectors incorporating our patent-pending and proprietary solar thermal technologies.

We have developed an entirely new technology for residential, commercial and industrial solar water heating. Our key innovation, an opaque cover plate with special infrared energy transmission characteristics, eliminates the need for glass and other transparent glazing materials.

Additional innovations include a novel collector frame wall and a new absorber design that maximizes infrared heat transfer inside the solar collector. The collective name for our patent-pending innovations is Opaque Cover Technology™.

The Sunplate Mission

Our mission is to accelerate worldwide adoption of carbon-responsible water heating by constantly challenging convention in water heating technology, marketing and finance. Opaque Cover Technology™, which dramatically lowers medium temperature solar collector manufacturing cost without compromising durability or seasonal performance, is our first major innovation.